Finding Sophie - Laura Lovett

Finding Sophie

“Lovett brilliantly raises demons while tugging at your heartstrings, and then sets you on a journey that melts together good versus evil versus love…leading to a destination that is both surprising and heartbreaking.”

~ S.L. Reid, author of the Evera Dark Trilogy

“A thoroughly energizing read! These two spirited heroines grabbed my attention and had me cheering them on into the wee hours of the morning! I couldn’t put this sure- re bestseller down!”

~ Dr. Philip Love, author of The Indiscretions of Others

“This sequel to the 2016’s critically acclaimed Losing Cadence is everything that I was looking for in a psychological thriller. From the taut writing style to the fully developed characters, it does not disappoint. I didn’t expect this book to impact me the way it did. I expected tension, I expected action—I got them in spades. What I didn’t anticipate was the emotional attachment that I felt with the main characters; not only Cadence and her family, but also the strong cast of antagonists.”

~ Sandra Hurst, author at Opal Writer’s Magazine

Finding Sophie does not disappoint as the sequel to the psychological thriller, Losing Cadence. Finding Sophie is not only an action-packed, fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller, but it delves into the mind and motive of the murderous villain Richard White as he kidnaps Cadence yet again, and their daughter Sophie. This is a must read!!”

~ Tammy Rebere, Edmonton Author