Losing Cadence draws you in and then flings you down the rabbit hole.

There is nothing subtle about the beginning of this book, it accelerates from page one and doesn’t slow down. This thriller introduces its heroine in the prime of her life and then rips her from it, catapulting her into a nightmare. The author, Laura Lovett, does a clever job of building the book from the present and then skillfully flashing back to the past to build the lives of both the main character, Cadence Weaverly and the antagonist, deranged and relentless Richard White. And just when you think there might be a happy ending and an escape for Cadence, Lovett springs an unexpected twist that will leave you racing towards the finish. And when you reach it—the ending surprising and unforeseen—you’ll be left wanting more. Brace yourself for a villain you can’t help but love to hate.

S.L. Reid, Author of Evera Dark: First Cut

Forget ANY other suspense novel you have read in the past or even recently. RUN to buy, borrow or steal Laura Lovett’s LOSING CADENCE! My breath was held, my heart was stopped my mind was blown. There was never a minute when I wasn’t on the edge of my seat with dread. I was scared for Cadence from start to end. Just when I thought there was hope, Lovett snatched it away from me with another twist of the plot and turn of the page. A book has not affected me this much since I read Emma Donaghue’s, ROOM. I could not have anticipated the ending. I will say the ending has left me with further dread. I can not wait for what comes next. Write Laura. Write!

Lana Shupe, Chapters/Indigo (Calgary)

Laura Lovett does not miss a beat in the weaving of this psychological thriller that is Losing Cadence. Did not want to put this book down, it really did hijack my attention. If Richard White were to have a say in the matter, I believe he would stalk the author’s every waking minute until the sequel is released!

Brian Smart

A Great Read! I could not put this book down. Truly gripping from the first page. While reading the book you cannot help but put yourself in Cadence’s shoes and wonder “What would I do?” Days later, you will find you are still thinking about the characters! Read it, you will not regret it.

Janet Yates

This was an incredible read! I am not known to be big reader … it usually takes me forever to read a novel but this was a page turner. Definitely not what I expected. It was very hard to put it down hence the reason I finished in 2 days. All I can say is, sequel please!

Kimberley Watson

Just went on a thrilling ride of cat and mouse while reading Losing Cadence. The structure of the chapters, with connection and flow going backward (in time) and forward (to present) and the unraveling of the characters – good development of the main and other characters- made it easy to feel a part of the story.  While not quite sure which direction the story would go, the pages flipped rapidly as I travelled with Cadence to the book’s interesting conclusion, which kept me guessing until the last page!

Carrie Stanton children’s book author: Emmie and the Fierce Dragon and The Jewel

Kirkus Says…

A debut psychological thriller that offers wealth, romance, obsession, and terror in abundance.
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What’s Better Than Books Says…

Intensely riveting, spine-chilling, and highly suspenseful!
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