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Hollywood? Steps Towards a Movie Deal

I’ve always said my dream is to see Losing Cadence, and Finding Sophie, on the big screen. My readers have said this time and time again, picturing both books as motion pictures. As I watch the Oscars tonight, I think how amazing it would be to have these stories entertain millions.

I know…it’s a long shot.  But aren’t most dreams long shots when you first have them? It’s easiest never to take a risk, and to agree that it’s an impossibility, so why bother. But as a career psychologist, I believe success is a combination of putting yourself out there and luck. Effort and chance intersect to make the improbable possible.

It takes courage to open yourself to rejection, and to come across as new and naïve to the world of film agents and movie rights. Yet one thing’s for sure: if you don’t try you will be 100% sure not to achieve your dream. Therefore, I will be trying, by committing to at least two efforts each month to get my books to Hollywood, and reporting on the ups and downs of this journey through my blog.

In mentioning my dream to others, people have surprised me by saying: “I know a film agent in LA! I could introduce you, Laura,” or “I know some well connected people in Hollywood who could point you in the right direction.” I will also be presenting at South by Southwest in Austin TX next week, and it happens to be a hot bed of movie/film premieres, and full of agents. So why not put myself out there?

I will report back on my efforts and, no matter what happens, it will be an experience! Wish me luck and if you know anyone in the film industry, including agents and screenwriters, please let me know!

If you haven’t seen my 1-minute movie (I mean book!) trailer, take a look below. If the video does not open in your browser, you can access the YouTube link here.

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