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Hollywood? Steps Towards a Movie Deal

I’ve always said my dream is to see Losing Cadence, and Finding Sophie, on the big screen. My readers have said this time and time again, picturing both books as motion pictures. As I watch the Oscars tonight, I think how amazing it would be to have these stories entertain millions. I know…it’s a long shot.  But aren’t most dreams long shots when you first have them? It’s easiest never to take a risk, and to agree that it’s an impossibility, so why bother. But as a career psychologist, I believe success is a combination of putting yourself out there and luck. Effort and chance intersect to make…

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A Sneak Peek of the Sequel to Losing Cadence: Finding Sophie

Richard sat in his villa in the Bahamas, the warm ocean breeze and sounds of the lapping waves coming through the large, open doors of the massive deck.  He was fixated not on the magnificent view, but on his computer screen that was livestreaming his daughter’s twelfth birthday party.  He felt the adrenalin coursing through his veins as he knew his time was drawing near.  He saw her beautiful smile, her sweet face. “Happy birthday dear Sophie, Happy birthday to you!” played through the speaker.  Sophie took a deep breath, focusing intently on the twelve candles on what appeared to…

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Five Tips for Self-Publishing Authors – Part 2

In my last blog, I shared tips on editing, researching self-publishing houses (with a warning about upselling), as well as the importance of fabulous cover art. Now it’s time to look at marketing, and the pros and cons of self-publishing; yes, like everything, there are two sides to the coin! 5. Marketing So you’ve written the next New York Times Bestseller and with book in hand you think you’re finished. Think again, as you’re only halfway there. Marketing is a huge area where many self-published authors fall short. If you are not marketing savvy, many of the larger self-publishing houses…

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Five Tips for Self-Publishing Authors – Part 1

So you’ve written a book…now what?  Some authors try to get a literary agent and go the traditional publishing route and others skip this altogether and go the self-publishing route.  I tried to get a literary agent and was unsuccessful (after 100 query letters in the U.S. and Canada!), but I didn’t let this stop me. My novel was ready to go and I knew it was a unique and gripping story that begged to entertain readers.  Therefore, I forged ahead into self-publishing and I’m glad I did.  This is what I learned and what you need to know when…

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Welcome to my website. I am thrilled to have a place to share information about my books, starting with Losing Cadence which launched in April 2016. As I work on the sequel, information will be shared on this site about its upcoming publication. My goal is to both entertain and to inspire others to follow their creative passions. I hope you will subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated on current events and book signings across North America. All the best to you in 2017 and I hope you follow your passions, whatever they may be. Warmly, Laura Lovett

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